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Book One characters

Book One characters

Major Tala Laut, the Shaadarian  commander responsible for the pacification of Earth. She can trace her lineage to a former Protector of Earth.  
Geneva Som'ers, a Shaadarian agent who has infiltrated the inner circles of Washington, working as a very high-priced escort. Works directly for Tala.

She's found that she likes the lifestyle in Washington far more than she should.

Januk, Geneva's husband and control in Washington. A Shaadarian Virgo. He's angry over Tala's assigning his wife the task of infiltrating the Washington power elite via their bedrooms.








Ayla, the most dangerous Shaadarian agent on Earth. A warrior by training, she leads the effort to expunge the senior officers from the US military. She proudly has the strength and Orgone metabolism of a Velorian. She and Tala are rivals.

Lana, Ayla's sister. She's one of the first people to question the Shaadarian involvement on Earth. She enters into a forbidden relationship with a Terran man.

Further shots of Ayla in her combat uniform. Beautiful, strong and dedicated to her cause - Peace On Earth - even if she has to kill to achieve it. She openly disagrees with Tala's strategies and her coziness with the Pactrel. Brit and Shara, two members of Ayla's combat team.


Mara, Shara's twin sister. She's a consummate warrior, and thinks she, not Ayla, should command the security operatives on the ground. Zen, another member of Ayla's security team.
Alexondra. Another member of Ayla's team. Bren, yet another of Ayla's security team, and the closest Shaadarian to an Arion Prime ever born.


Lydia, one of the Shaadarians who have retained the heat vision of a Velorian. She's Tala's Tactics and Intel officer.


Helena, an operative working for Tala who has a Velorian's eyes.


Helena demonstrating why a Velorian's eyes are so dangerous.  
AnnMarie, the youngest Shaadar on Earth at age 15.

Her mother hid knowledge of her Shaadarian background from her for fifteen years.

She grew up on Earth thinking she was an ordinary girl. Her mother never showed how to invoke the special abilities of a Shaadar.

Margot, AnnMarie's mother, a rogue Shaadarian who deserted the Auroran cause and settled on Earth to raise her daughter.

She initially tries to stay neutral, but finds that difficult after Anna is sworn in as an FBI agent to help the Terrans.

AnnMarie the morning of her arrest in Oceanside.

You'd never guess she's only fifteen by looking at her now.

Obviously her mother passed on more than a few Velorian genes.

Margot, standing in Kendrick's office in LA, the three bullet holes in her top.

She's staring at Kendrick, trying to figure what he's up to.

AnnMarie as portrayed in her opening chapter.



Matt, AnnMarie's trainer and friend. A Terran.

AnnMarie in an Auroran outfit. 

 Now that she knows what she is and what she's capable of, she finds that she feels strangely protective of her Terran friends. She has learned of the ancient honor of Velorian Protectors, and she decides to try live up to that ideal.


Book Two characters

Book Two characters

  Mystii, a Kecklavian. The Kecklavians are a race of shapechanges who have been competitors of the Pactrel for thousands of years. Yet if they hope to form a trading relationship with Earth, they have to first stop the Shaadar.
Mystii's associate, Jamie. No one knows anything about her or her origin, presumably another Kecklavian, yet like Mystii, she possesses nearly incomprehensible physical strength.  Together they try to steal the evolving trade with Earth.  
Naomi, the mysterious heir to a multibillion dollar fortune, and patron of the Archangels. Ulrika, the first generation of the Archangels. Using recombinant DNA, a Russian research team has broken through the boundaries of human frailty.
Tatianna was part of the second generation (Gen 2).  Gen-teched to the extreme of physical strength, no Terran has ever possessed but a fraction of her strength.  

Michelle is more or less the denmother and spiritual leader of the Gen-3's.

Alpha Team, Gen 3 members of Project Archangel.

Maria, Alexa, Tammy and Lars.

They were gen-teched to give them various abilities. Unlike Ulrika and Tatianna, the first and second generation gen-techs, Gen 3's are able to blend in with ordinary people.

Pamela, a member of the Gen 4 section of Project Archangel.

Gen 4's are unstable. In Pamela's case, her skin exudes a variety of organic poisons and intoxicants.

Carolyn, also a Gen 4.

She has a unique power to generate a powerful electric field.

Simone, a Vendorian android designed to hunt and kill Arions. A two hundred year old artifact from the war. Still dangerous and in need of reprogramming, if anyone could survive getting close enough to do it. Simone's charms are obvious, and designed to get Arion males close enough to strike.

Her programming is confused by the Shaadar -- their genes don't taste right. But her mission is to destroy Arions wherever she finds them. She has utmost confidence in her mission.

Jefry, also a Vendorian Android. Clearly their appearances were carefully crafted.  



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