There are so many great sites in this genre that I'm not going to list them all. As opposed to listing them all, I'll instead list the sites that I personally visit most often.

You can find your way to everything else that's out there from the links on these sites.

Ubergirls.org - home base for this genre. Greg has pulled so many of us together. Between his software and his hosting, he keeps dreams alive.

Supergirls, Inc - Larafan has also pulled many of us together and provided us with a forum, not to mention the coolest and most creative collection of genre art work on the planet.

Bright Empire - Brantley writes some truly classic SF. The Arthur Clarke of Velorian writing. Now how cool is that! Some neat Joe Haley writing there too. All AU Generation 3.

Alternate Histories - AH's stories are some of the best examples of AU Generation 3 writing. Linith and Far are a very compelling young man's interpretation of 'Terran meets Velorian and falls in love. Except  Far won't admit he has.

MandiSteele - I had the privilege of meeting the lovely Mandi some time ago, along with her producer and friend, Kelly. Together they take us a giant step closer to reality. Mandi is heart-stoppingly beautiful as she walks around in costume, looking as if she was born to wear red and blue. (Pay site)

Julie, Stories from AK - A long-running site that was inspired during AU Generation 2. AK lets us look inside and discover that Arions are truly human too.

Infinity Bridge - Mac was one of the most delightful writers of AU Generation 2. His wonderfully compelling story of Lillith and his alterego stands as perhaps my favorite Gen 2 writing of all. Alas, we lost Mac's creative genius in a plane crash.





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