Earth, 2050AD

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Models: Kitja (Jessica Alba, Juliet Holleran), Sharon (Jessica Simpson), Lucia (Lucia Tovar), Tammi (Elle McPherson), Azriel (Jolene Blalock), Ara (Jennifer Garner),  Elle/Kitja (Erin Ellington)


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Prologue (Extremes)


“Like what?” She was clearly one of those aliens he'd read about. Arions. By rumor, they were dangerous brutes. Homicidal. He'd never expected to meet an Arion who looked sexy.
Teresa at Peter's house



The pleasures of the morning and the possibilities of an even better night made her feel warm and sensual, so much so that she wasn’t prepared for the woman who stepped out of the inner office. She was blonde and 5’11” tall, her eyes as crystalline blue as her own. The blonde stood confidently, hands on her hips, as she gave Tesa an appraising look.

Lisa Banks (Kara) at the Congressman's office



Neil looked up from his work to see Dani resting her elbows on her legs as she sat on the counter. She looked too young and far too slender to be duking it out with a bunch of muscle-bound Primes.

Dani Banks (Xara) sitting in the garage watching Neil work on his car



Dani lay on the couch in Neil’s bedroom an hour later as she watched him getting dressed. She was wearing a red tank top with a starburst emblem on her chest and black leather pants. Neil had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing only his underpants.

Dani laying on the couch in Neil's bedroom as he gets showered



Dani wasn’t in the kitchen when Neil arrived, but Lisa was busy making a salad. She was dressed in a pair of black slacks and a white silk blouse. She smiled warmly at him as he entered.
Lisa Banks (Kara) standing in kitchen talking with Neil



Glancing around the room, she saw another female Prime. She was staring back at Dani, the wall between them no impediment to their Tachyon vision. Dressed in a black crocheted top, she was sitting with three men who were fawning all over her, clearly entranced by her pheromones.
An unnamed Prime, part of the trap in the restaurant



“No, I’m just empowered.”

Dani sat down and crossed her legs. She leaned forward slightly to stare intently at Tesa, her arms relaxed as she rested them on her legs.  “You will leave these people alone, Tesa.”

Cummings looked back and forth between the two women, sensing the hostility, but still confused from the sudden surge of hot desire that flooded his body.  All he knew was that there was something about the blonde girl that scared the shit out of him.
Xara as she meets with Tesa and Cummings



It took her long seconds to control her emotions, to push away the fear, to find the opening to that sea of desire whose shore she spent so much time walking along. Pain gradually became sublime pleasure and then passion as she moved from resistance to willing enthusiasm. She dug her heels into his ass to trap him, her powerful hamstring muscles and inner strength ensuring that he wasn’t going to withdraw.
Xara, fighting for her life as the Destroyer tries to suck the energy from her


He followed the smoke, and found Dani  standing against the slate wall of the Great Room, puffing away. She looked different than she had yesterday. Her face looked a bit puffy, and her figure was fuller. She’d obviously absorbed a lot of energy and it made her look older.
Dani (Xara) after recovering from the Destroyer's attack


Chapter One

A tall, buffed blonde dressed in black leather and a motorcycle hat greeted him just inside the door. Her widely-spaced blue eyes and perfect smile looked like it belonged on the cover of Cosmopolitan, not to mention her 5'11" height.
Sharon Best greeting Fred at Donagans



She was dressed in a leather jump suit that covered her from head to toe, with the front unzipped to just below her navel, revealing the swell of her breasts and her flat stomach. Her eyes were large and blue as she stared back into his. She was the most beautifully dangerous woman he’d ever seen.
Mandi Olson when Fred first meets her at Donagans


Chapter Two


He opened his mouth to say something in reply, he didn't even know what, but instead found himself breathing a wonderful scent of honey and wildflower. Frozen in place, he could only stare at her as she started to slowly undress, peeling off her black leather outfit in a slow strip-tease.
Sharon at Fred's house



The thin curtains over the bay window allowed the pale, cold light of a foggy San Francisco early morning in, the pale light washing out most of her colors.  She’d brushed her hair out, making it look very full as it hung long over her shoulders. She was leaning forward, arms between her legs.
Sharon at Fred's house


“Observe this,” she said to herself as he rested her arm on her head and looked up. Two pinkish beams of light flashed brilliantly from her eyes to converge on the bot, and it flared white-hot a brief moment before exploding into a thousand pieces. Bits of metal and plastic began to rain down over the carnival crowd, causing them to duck under shelter where they could find it.
Mandi as she prepares to take out the pimp



“Did you realize that man you just killed, no matter how twisted he was, had a wife and two kids at home?”

Mandi spun around to see a tall blonde girl standing behind her. The girl stood with one hand on her hip, the thumb of her other hand tucked under her waistband. Most significantly, her yellow top was unbuttoned to reveal that she wore the archaic uniform of a Protector underneath. Her head was tilted casually to one side.
Xara as she confronts Mandi


Chapter Three


Her shocking words had barely been registered by the microphones when she crossed her arms and pulled her blue top off. She let it fall to the floor as she walked forward to the edge of the stage.  

Xara on the stage at the press conference



Kara looked up from her book as the SatPhone rang. Working under the name of Lisa Banks, she was the CIO of one of the largest corporations in the world, and she was enjoying her last day of vacation before heading back to the office in San Francisco.

Lisa Banks (Kara) at her home in Taos



Xara drew every eye in the room as she boldly walked up to the front of the room. She'd dispensed with her red and blues to dress in a formal suit and tie. With the help of her Mom's friend, Pierre Entraderre of Paris, she wore a very expensive purple velour suit, a golden tie and blue hanky. The outfit had been part of the spring showing in Paris and the hem was 2050 short. The outfit was supposed to make her seem older and more mature.

Xara standing before the NASA Executive Committee



She looked back up at the crowd and tried to smile. If not for the gold ring she felt on one finger, its glow emboldening her like a couple of martini’s might an ordinary woman, she would have fled the stage.
Sharon suddenly finding herself on stage



Jim Smothers finally waved her over toward the podium. He put his arm around her as she smiled up into his face, his 6’7” height making her look short, even in her heels.
Sharon and Jim Smothers on stage



Chapter Four


Her skin was shimmering in shades of orange and red, with her chest white-hot as it rapidly drew heat from the rest of her body. The orgone synthesis made her nipples tingle wildly, with both of them hugely engorged now. The effect was stimulating and definitely arousing, even more so because she was gloriously naked now.
Mandi after defeating the lasers and particle beams at Valkyie7 HQ



Kitja Best stared back at herself in the mirror, gently biting her thumb as she considered her new look. She definitely had her mother's blonde routine down now, and she kind of liked the way her hair fell over her eyes to cover them. But her face was too pretty, her body too lean. Dr. Patterson didn’t expect a model. Instead, he was expecting her to be half Terran and half Velorian. A little fiction she’d spun when she’d first started corresponding with him.
Kitja Best as she tries on some looks in her bedroom



“Yes, I mean, no, I don’t get cold,” Kitja stammered. Grimacing, she decided she was talking as if her IQ matched her hair color.

She quickly raised her hands to cover her breasts as he folded up and removed the sheet, very aware that her legs were bent almost as if they were in a GYN’s stirrups.
Kitja as she lays on Kerry's medical scanner



Kara opened the door, only to see Xara’s crumpled uniform strewn across the bed. She walked across the room to find her daughter standing out on the balcony, the bright New Mexico sunset reflecting off their private lake. She was nude, her arms crossed and hair wet and tangled from the quick swim she’d just taken. The lake was really a blue hole, the deepest part descending nine-hundred feet into a limestone cavern.

Xara on the deck outside her bedroom in Taos



Chapter Five

Fred stood up as Tammi approached the table and smiled at his old friend. She was wearing a striped red, white and black top, bare midriff, black jeans and boots, with dirty blonde hair hanging straight and long to frame her face, and she looked incredibly young and athletic, not to mention cute.
Tammi at dinner with Fred in San Francisco


Her heart pounded as she slowed her horse about twenty feet from him, and then slipped lithely from the saddle. As Kerry walked toward her, she held her nervousness at bay by scratching the mare under its neck.
Kitja, impersonating Michelle on Orange County beach



She walked right by Fred, still holding her script, without showing any sign of recognizing him.
Sharon at the Improv in Boulder



The blonde turned with a prima ballerina’s grace, and Fred’s heart nearly leaped out of his chest again as she smiled at them. “Yes I am. But I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure.”
Sharon meeting Fred and Tammi at the Improv



Both visitors stared at the woman who’d walked in from the kitchen. She was easily 190 centimeters tall, very slender, her face looking just a bit older than Sharon’s. She was wearing a purple and white tank top outfit and a loose, unbuttoned purple sweater that was hanging off one shoulder. She also wore several gold necklaces. But it was her eyes that gave her away. 
Andrea at her and Sharon's home in foothills above Boulder



She suddenly felt very sure of herself as she walked back out of the bathroom, turning the lights down in the room as she walked over to where Kerry was sitting, his head in his hands. She sat down on the fake fur rug in front of him.

Kitja, still looking like Michelle, as she sits in Kerry's living room



Chapter Six

He slowly sat up on the bed, blinking his eyes to get them in focus. His first sight was a young woman leaning back on the Mexican tile floor and staring up at him. Her skin and features reminded him of women from several areas of the globe, but the result was exotic and attractive. If that hadn’t been enough to catch his eye, the red top with bare shoulders and midriff that she was wearing over a tiny yellow swimsuit would be. She had the most amazing legs he’d ever seen.
Kitja the next morning, at Kerry's place, assuming her normal appearance



While Mandi awaited her clearance, Bragus’ assistant Sylva was assigned to watch her. Sylva seemed very friendly, almost eager to tell Mandi that she was an M-class Velorian, her abilities only a notch below Mandi’s own. The Velorian was so engorged with energy that she couldn't button her her blouse. With that much orgone energy, there was no danger she would become depleted while defending her boss.

Sylva, Bragus' Velorian assistant



Mandi sat down arrogantly, turning her head to look balefully at Bragus as he walked into the center of the room. She was determined to show neither fear nor too much curiosity. Better to maintain her mystery as long as she could.

Mandi on Bragus' asteroid


Sylva looked so Velorian it was sickening, what with her wearing a sheer white outfit that covered her while still revealing everything. Still, she had been an invaluable source of information on Xander. She looked vacuously happy, carving shapes into the ice floor with her eyes, looking warm despite the bone-chilling cold. To Mandi, she was the walking, talking embodiment of every awful blonde joke she'd ever heard.
Sylva, down on Xander's planet



Mandi knew they had to entice him into a ménage-a-trois. She was still planning when the door banged open. She spun around to find herself facing the most muscular man she’d ever laid eyes on. He was a giant.

Mandi with the black die washed from her hair, facing Xander



Dressed in a borrowed jacket that was barely long enough to preserve her modesty, Mandi boldly pushed past Bragus’ guards to enter his office.

She flopped into a chair, quickly crossed her bare legs, barely able to contain her anger.
Mandi, facing Bragus back on his asteroid, her hair still blonde



The silence hung heavily between them as two of his guards, both Primes, accompanied them deep into the asteroid’s core. Taking a mag-lev elevator that dropped five-thousand stories deep into its core, Bragus led Mandi down a long corridor that ended at a small cell, its opening protected by a glowing forcefield. A tall, slender woman with red hair and freakishly large blue eyes knelt on the floor of a metal cell.

Ariel, the Vendorian Fraul'iset, locked in her infinite loop



“Beacons on the other side are off a bit. Bragus’ work. Keeps the unfriendliness away.” Sylva reached up to hold Mandi’s hand, a dusting of snow covering her hair. “My sister has been avenged. And now we’re sisters forever, O.K?”
Sylva sharing a moment with Mandi before she leaves Bragus' asteroid


Frank Ozrel, the second engineer, swung the double door open to reveal a very slender young woman with long red hair. She was dressed ridiculously in a fuzzy white bikini and a pair of white high-heeled boots. She was kneeling on a white rug to stare at the wall beside her, her hand brushing erotically over one breast. Two reddish beams were shining from her eyes to slice through the glass blocks that formed the walls of the room.
Azriel, in Valkyrie7's HQ, demonstrating her eye beams



Sadler collapsed panting on the couch, embarrassed that he’d only lasted seconds. It had been so long since he'd had sex.

Azriel while establishing root access to her programming with Adm. Sadler



Chapter Seven


Mandi returned to the Valkyrie7 HQ after her operation in Ghana. Despite the heavy snow and sub-zero cold, she breezed through the door wearing a skimpy brown weave top that fastened over her bare shoulders like a halter, showing her décolletage to good advantage, with a swatch of fabric wrapping around her neck like an exotic choker. Below it she wore the tiniest of black thongs, revealing the slenderness of her immensely strong legs. A delicate pair of Italian pumps completed the look.
Mandi as she returns to meet with Valkyrie7



Kitja was sitting on the Hopi rug that covered the hard stone floor of Eric and Lisa’s island retreat, with her bare legs bent up against her chest. Her clothing was only a red top that bared one shoulder and that hardly was enough to keep her decent while sitting. A large gold bracelet adorned her left wrist, and a small gold chain on her right.
Kitja at Kara's house on the Spratly Islands



Their heads swiveled as one to see Sharon standing by the far wall. The Scribe was wearing a blue denim dress, her hair unfurled to hang nearly to her waist.

Sharon, walking in on Kitja and Eric at the Spratly Island house



“Who’s in trouble?” an accented voice asked. Andrea walked through the door to look at Eric. She was wearing a pair of black jeans and a loose, black Lycra top that left her shoulders and a great deal of cleavage visible. Also a slice of very toned abs.

Andrea at the Spratly Island house



He poured three fingers of Jim Beam and was downing it with a chaser of ice water when Andrea walked into the kitchen. She wore a golden nightgown that barely clung to her shoulders, revealing her dramatic décolletage. An aura of pheromones and the flowery musk of Velorian sexual hormones surrounded her.

Andrea with Eric in the kitchen, late at night



The heat and light grew stronger yet, forcing him to duck down to protect himself. And then, as suddenly as it had started, it end. He rose to see an entirely unfamiliar woman sitting across the table. Her blonde hair was lustrous and glowing, handing to her waist, and her eyes were huge and piercingly blue. Her shoulders were broad and she was easily 195cm tall, her breasts large and heavy, yet with little hint of gravity working on them. What was left of her golden nightgown hung from her shoulders, bleached nearly transparent.
Andrea after transforming herself into her native Galen form



Now it was time to prove that. Hovering in mid-air, she let the HGAR shooter line her up in his sights. He pressed the trigger, and the weapon gave off a blinding flash of orange-yellow energy. The pale blue laser beam struck her stomach full on, creating a vacuum between her body and the weapon. The charged particles flashed through the evacuated track, striking her body.

Kara, absorbing a direct hit from an HGAR over the Arion stronghold in the Alps



Kara gave Gerry an appreciative smile as she quickly pulled on her expensive outfit, uncharacteristically leaving her uniform on beneath it. The jacket would close high enough around her neck to let her get away with it.

Kara, changing back into her Lisa Banks identity in front of Gerry



Lisa saw that she was wearing her deeply dished top, her arms crossed under her breasts to emphasize her cleavage further, her hair pinned up with only a couple of wisps hanging down to frame her face. The skirt of this uniform was vaporously short, revealing too much of her legs. Uncharacteristically, Xara had emphasized her long legs further by wearing a tiny pair of heels that laced up across her calves.

Xara, making an appearance at the Burbank factory



Turning her back, she quickly undressed, treating him to a view of her nude backside. She dressed quickly, leaving her hair pulled tightly back, and then turned back to face Gerry. She held an expanse of red material in her hands. It was useful to wrap around a passenger when she had to carry them high or fast.

Lisa, changing back to Kara as Gerry watches


He was halfway back through the maze of corridors when he came across a young woman standing in the hallway. Dressed in a blue shirt, the top two snaps tantalizingly undone, she was strikingly attractive, especially due to her large and luminously blue eyes. Her long hair was dark brown with reddish highlights. A white skirt and pair of low heels completed her outfit.
Mandi, meeting up with Gerry inside Burbank factory


Chapter Eight


She smiled as she leaned forward against a large boulder. “I had a little help."

 “Well, one thing's for sure," he laughed, "there is no way I'm calling you my baby sister anymore. Not with those guns. And check out those shoulders. Totally killer.”

Crystal at Matador Beach



Without waiting for a reply, Crystal knelt, dug her hands into the sand under the car-sized boulder beside her, and lifted. Her arms flexing to naked steel as she slowly rolled the huge boulder onto its side. Struggling to work her arms deeper beneath it, she finally got a good enough grip near the center of gravity to lift the massive rock from the ground. She was straining, but she managed to get it up over her head.

Crystal lifting boulder



“There’s more muscle where that came from. Check this out.” Crystal turned her back to him, flexing her left arm. He stood closely behind her, running his hands those steel curves again, using his superhuman strength to find a weakness, a softness, in her body. he found none.
Crystal showing off a little



“Ms. Zor’El, I presume,” Fred said as he walked up to her, his heart racing. He’d seen the Protector in many pictures, but never in person. She was taller than he’d expected, easily his own height, and her shoulders were broader. Her eyes were the same amazing shade of blue as Sharon’s, yet unlike Sharon’s seductiveness, she looked coldly beautiful and immensely powerful at the same time.

Kara meeting Fred behind restaurant in San Francisco



A young woman dressed in a very short leather skirt, a mesh halter-top and what looked like a jacket from one of the local high schools was walking down the hallway ahead of him. She wore a pair of high heels that belonged on a dominatrix. Pausing to look back at him as she took off her jacket, he decided she was in her late teens, maybe early twenties, and had a terrific figure.

Lucia meeting Fred at Donagans



Lucia began struggling with the weight, her legs and back tightening with a ripple of hard muscle. He heard her groan as she threw everything she had into the effort, and astoundingly, the huge block began to scrape its way upward in its grooves. Moments later, she was holding the block over her head and smiling back at him, her mesh top clearly revealing her engorged nipples.

“You can call me Supergirl if you want. It's one of my favorite acts.”

Lucia, putting on her Supergirl act in the tunnels below Donagans



Mandi stood just inside, her eyes glowing like blue diamonds as she stared intently into his. Eyes he knew could vaporize him where he stood.

Mandi meeting Fred again, asking for his list



Lucia leaned casually against the hood of his old car, wrench still in hand. She was dressed in a denim shirt, tied off at the bottom to reveal her midriff, and a pair of skintight white slacks.

Lucia in Fred's garage with his antique Mustang



Fred tried not to stare at her, and instead turned to walk over to the workbench to search for a floor jack. When he turned back, Lucia had tossed her denim shirt to the side and had peeled off her white slacks. She looked back at him over her shoulder as she bent down to undo the straps of her high heels.

Lucia, about to lift the Mustang off the floor safe


Chapter Nine

Fred quickly stuck the Glovener in his waistband to hide it under his suit, and got out to walk toward the main entrance of the hotel. From there he followed the signs toward the pool area. He found Lucia sitting on top of the pool ladder, her street clothes replaced by a pink bikini, and for all the world acting as if she’d been there for hours. The Arion cop was talking with her, watching her slowly unfastening her high heels to toss them to the side.
Lucia, seducing an Arion at a hotel in Santa Cruz



Tammi paced around the restaurant as Fred went on and on, ranting and raving about Lucia’s behavior. She was frowning when he finally ran out of words.

Tammi, going on about Lucia's depraved behavior as she meets with Fred



Fred and Tammi both spun around to see a girl with black hair standing behind them. It was Lucia, and she was wearing the same outfit she’d had on the first time Fred had seen her – the red mesh top, black leather miniskirt and a school jacket.

Lucia, joining Fred and Tammi in the restaurant



They all looked up as a tall blonde floated down from the rafters. She was dressed in a sleeveless black top, a leather miniskirt of the same color that showed off her legs to good advantage, midriff bare, and a pair of heels. Two enormous diamond earrings completed the outfit. Her blonde hair was wavier than usual. Fred’s heart leaped as he recognized Sharon.

Sharon, joining Fred, Lucia and Tammi in restaurant



Sadler got up and walked briskly down the hallway to Briefing Room 7. The lock released with a buzz as he approached, and he stepped inside. He was greeted by a vision of Azriel straddling the Omegan agent, still engaged in her intercourse. Her eyes were soft and unfocused as she looked back at Sadler, almost as if she was listening to an inner voice. Her long hair fell over her chest to maintain a portion of her modesty.

Azriel, completing the agent's interrogation, still locked in intercourse, asking Sadler for permission to finish him off



Chapter Ten


She tilted her head and looked down at his arousal, then up at his face, a mischievous smile slowly tilting her lips. “Hello. And exactly who are you?”

Shocked to see her kneeling there, Eric's ardor impossibly increased further. Gasping, he turned his back to her, only to see his reflection in the glass door. The waistband of his shorts was too low to contain him now.

Kitja, staring at Eric as he emerges from house on Spratley Islands, not recognizing him in his new body



Kitja put her hand on her hip and tilted her head, giving him that insolent smile of hers. “I remember everything, Eric. I can still feel you inside me.”

Kitja, telling Eric she remembers everything about their frantic and empowered lovemaking, even if he doesn't


Chapter Eleven


The result was that she’d worked all night to assume the most outrageously Velorian appearance she could imagine, and then donned a white gold-embroidered vest and golden g-string that she’d borrowed from Andrea’s closet. She added her own touches by donning her favorite bracelets and necklace, and finished with an elaborately crafted belly chain.

Kitja on the UCLA campus, after assuming an outrageous Velorian look




Ara’s pecs were flexing at nearly full strength when the thick Vendorian steel began to groan and bend inward. She knew she should stop to save the machine, but it felt so incredibly good to just let herself go for once. No partners to worry about hurting, just her muscles pitted against alien steel.
Major Ara Col’yar working out on the failing Vendorian steel machine


“Shhh,” Ara said urgently as she snapped her head to the side, eyes glowing. “She comes.”
Ara looking through the building walls as she hides with Elle, waiting to capture Kitja



Confused and disoriented, Kitja  ran her hands through her hair to straighten it, and pulled her vest closed as she walked out onto the now empty balcony. She blinked her eyes to try to get rid of the spots that still filled her vision, but instead of dissipating, one of the spots grew larger, suddenly ballooning into the form of a red-haired woman who was flying directly toward her.

Kitja, suddenly aware that she's under attack by two Arions



The woman who looked back at her was stunningly beautiful. With her eyes Arion bright, her black hair nearly waist length, and her permatan skin tone and figure, she was definitely Primal.

Kitja, shockingly finding that she's taken on the appearance of Elle, the Prime she just killed