Aryan Pride?


By Shadar

(Revision: 1)

It seems that Miss Bolivia, the tall brunette in the center of the photo, has infuriated the other contestants and organizers at the Miss Universe contest by saying she's, "A tall, white woman, not a short Indian peasant", in regards to a fellow participant.

Aryan pride or Arion arrogance, I'll let you decide. But it's created a real stink today.

What is interesting, is that the Swedish contestant (not too hard to find in the newspaper clipping) is behaving like their offspring Velorians do. Dress simple and sexy -- bare shoulders and midriff, and a simple pair of jeans -- but otherwise don't make a big deal out of your genetics. Stay in the background, don't appear overly smart or confrontational, emphasize your sociability and learn to deal with men, but get the real job done when nobody is looking.

I don't know about this particular Swedish contestant, but Nordic values will likely keep her out of the kind of trouble Miss Bolivia has landed herself in.