All Supremis Team

By Shadar, courtesy of Rich

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I got this email the other day, and thought you'd appreciate it.

Dear friends,

I have made my decision this winter...This is my last email to all of bags are packed and I am about to leave. I know I should have warned you all before however due to the circumstances I had to make my decision rapidly. So there you have it, I have chosen to become a trainer for a soccer team. I know many of you will find this amusing but I did tell them I did not know anything about soccer.

They told me the job location was in a deserted area and that I was the only person who showed any interest for the position. Apparently it rains for hours on end there and that the closest city is 170 miles away. The camp is closed after training starts; nobody gets in or out until the season begins. Therefore much of my time will be dedicated to remaining in constant contact with the team members and promoting team unity.

So it seems that there will be plenty of time to work on player development and game strategy and to do my part as trainer to the best of my ability. Given that the players are all foreign and speak very little English, just some Nordic dialect I'm told, there is no television or internet, it will be impossible to communicate with me.

I'll be thinking about all of you. Hope we can stay in touch.


     Harry Sanderson

    PS Attached is a team photo... just in case one of you might want to join me. I'm looking for a few qualified assistants. So far its just me and the players. Give it a click and you'll understand my dilemma.